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      Comprehensive Portfolio.

      We have built a vast portfolio over the last 25 years.

      Take a look at the below project examples which demonstrate our capabilities, from groundworks to decoration.


      Bridge Trading Estate

      Bridge Trading Estate is a typical example of the industrial unit dilapidations work Construction Solutions is specialised in. Appointed by the landlord’s surveyor, this 2018 project had a £100k budget.


      Kingsway was a dilapidation project in South Wales awarded to us by the tenant’s agent. As a project outside of the North West, our team worked extended hours over a 6 day week to comfortably deliver completion on time.

      Refurbishment/Fit Out

      The Lexicon

      We were appointed to complete a total refurbishment of one floor of the prestigious Lexicon building in Manchester. The budget was £150k and involved working with top of the range materials in line with the rest of the building.


      The architect for Wilmslow United Reform Church contacted us for an extensive basement refurbishment having heard of our previous work in places of worship. The £400k project resulted in successful completion of a much needed community youth facility.

      New Build

      Jain Centre

      This community facility was completed on time, in December 2018. The project value was just under £1m and utilised our team’s full range of services including groundworks.


      Alongside the dilapidations and industrial refurbishment projects, new builds are another area we are experienced in. This £1m project transformed a green-field site and involved extensive piling.

      Why Choose Us?


      Most of our work is awarded to us by surveyors and architects. Because we work with industry professionals, we understand the pressures faced. We pride ourselves on offering proactive support to ensure our partners deliver outstanding levels of service.


      We’re full of good ideas developed from years of experience. Whether this relates to early stage feasibility studies and costs or working on alternative solutions, we will work with you to provide practical and knowledgeable input at our own expense.


      The needs of our clients come first. During many of our previous projects, we have changed our approach and have even changed the hours we work to minimise disruption to our clients.