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      About Us

      Your Value Added Construction Partner.

      Read below to see what our clients and partners like about working with Construction Solutions.

      Why Choose Us?


      Most of our work is awarded to us by surveyors and architects. Because we work with industry professionals, we understand the pressures faced. We pride ourselves on offering proactive support to ensure our partners deliver outstanding levels of service.


      We’re full of good ideas developed from years of experience. Whether this relates to early stage feasibility studies and costs or working on alternative solutions, we will work with you to provide practical and knowledgeable input at our own expense.


      The needs of our clients come first. During many of our previous projects, we have changed our approach and have even changed the hours we work to minimise disruption to our clients.

      What do our clients and partners say about us?

      More Than Happy

      When looking for a suitable contractor for an extension to our building I contacted a number of potential providers. As it turned out, we were unable to proceed with the original project but Paul Burgess Construction Solutions impressed me to go back to them with another project that we did manage to fund. From a simple idea, they helped us to develop a top class addition to our business. Nothing was too much trouble and they were prepared to spend time while we worked everything out.

      Almost two years after initially speaking with them on the first project they started the work that not only delivered a high quality extension, but were on budget and on time. Most importantly, they worked closely with our own choice of architect and managed the project from start to finish.

      They were not only on hand to solve any issues but also understood the need to continue the business while they were building and to make every effort to minimise any inconvenience. All of the team including sub contractors took great care to engage with our staff and our customers and I can say that I would have no hesitation in choosing them for any future work large or small. We are more than happy for anyone to visit and see the building and discuss any aspect of the above testimonial.

      Kieran McMahon
      Disability Stockport

      Won further contracts from the client

      Construction Solutions UK carried out CAT A office fit out work for us at the Lexicon, Manchester City Centre. Their price return was competitive and there were very few variations on the project. Standard of workmanship was very good and minor snags were attended to promptly. Since completion of that work they have since won further contracts with the client.

      SW, studio_néo

      We appreciated the level of communication

      We recently awarded a contract to Construction Solutions for dilapidations works to an industrial unit in North Manchester. As well as the client being very pleased with the works, we appreciated the level of communication from Paul and his team throughout. Based on this initial project, we will certainly be inviting Construction Solutions to tender on an ongoing basis.

      SC, Roger Hannah & Co.

      Impressed with their service

      We have worked with the team at Construction Solutions on several occasions. We have always been impressed with their service and their workmanship. They are professional and thorough in their approach and are proactive in dealing with project related queries. They are approachable and we enjoy working with their team.

      PC, MHA Architects

      Highly Professional In All Matters

      I have appointed Paul at Construction Solutions UK to carry out a number of shop refit installations within my remit, as well as several maintenance works over the last 12 months. My experience of this is that I have found the work to have been done to an excellent standard and the company to be highly professional in all matters.

      Amanda Brooks
      Shops Area Manager
      St Ann’s Hospice

      No Hesitation

      After initially taking in close to a dozen quotes and meeting with several building companies, I was left with the same feeling, either the specification I had was too complex, or that they were going to encounter issues which they just could not price until later - answers which left me with little confidence.

      I came across Paul from Construction Solutions UK and arranged a meeting. I think after the very first meeting I could honestly sense that I was going to go with Construction Solutions. He had all the answers to my questions, and it was a case of "what else would you like, how complex would you like it", rather than giving me a lost look!

      I appreciated the honesty and as we have a business to run it was a case of late night emails and phone calls. However I found Paul to be extremely professional and competent, and very accommodating. Further, I delayed in going ahead for several months, and it was dealt very professionally and not once did he come across pushy.

      I honestly can say the project was very successful. the timescales Paul gave were very accurate, and based on these I booked in shopfitters from Ireland and robot installers from Germany. On budget, on time and a very happy client, absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul and Construction Solutions.

      Waqqass Sheikh MRPharm(s)
      Managing Director
      Everest Pharmacy Ltd

      Our client was very happy

      Construction Solutions were very professional throughout the recent external repairs scheme in Liverpool. They worked with our client to facilitate a scheme noisy works within an occupied building. This involved adjusting the hours worked to early mornings and evenings to minimise disruption. The works were delivered on time and within budget which our client was very happy with.

      PH, Colliers International

      Staff and directors are very approachable

      Construction Solutions (North West) Ltd is our contractor for the construction of an annex to our community centre, together with the groundwork and preparation for a car park for 85 cars.

      After having had poor responses and also the lack of credible evidence of work to the level we were expecting, we rejected a number of building contractors and turned to Construction Solutions after being recommended by an acquaintance.

      Our experience so far has been highly satisfactory. The project is nearly 85-90% complete and with luck will be ready by the end of 2018. That is nearly two months ahead of the date we were expecting. Also, the project is likely to meet the budgeted figure. This is a major comfort for us as a charity with a limited budget.

      The staff and directors are very approachable, and they come up with practical and useful alternatives and suggestions.

      We have no hesitation in recommending Construction Solutions highly.

      SM, Jain Samaj